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History pupils on a trip to Chester, learning about Roman soldiers

Year 3 History Trip

History came to life for the Year 3s when they enjoyed a wonderful trip to Chester – an excellent opportunity for them to test their knowledge and extend their learning about the Ancient Romans, which has been their topic of study this term.

On arrival, the children were armed with Roman shields and marched off to the amphitheatre to practise military formations. They broke the speed record for assembling themselves into the contra equus position and then proved a formidable attacking force in the wedge formation. Afterwards, they marched back to the museum under the orders of Harrison B, whose high volume ‘Sin, Sin, Sin, Dex, Sin’ reverberated around Chester’s city walls.

The children then had the chance to explore the museum galleries before heading to the education room where they were shown, and were able to hold, real Roman artefacts including a strigil and a key ring. They ground grains and aromatic spices; reconstructed a model of the amphitheatre; made mosaics with coloured tesserae, and much more. The afternoon ended with one child being chosen to dress up and get equipped as a legionary with neck scarf, body armour, javelin, shield and helmet.

Pupils and staff alike, agreed it had been a great trip. As is so often the case, it is educational visits like this that really bring learning to life – and live longest in the children’s memories.