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Packwood Haugh - day and boarding school for 4-13 year old boys and girls

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The cast and crew of Packwood School Play

The Greatest Show

Performed by Year 5 and Year 6 children, this year’s Junior Play, ‘The Greatest Show’, was a colourful and energetic production loosely based on the hit film ‘The Greatest Showman’.

Characters such as ‘Harry Houdinit’, ‘Maximus Girder – The strongest woman in Shrewsbury’ and Branston & Lily Pickle, all added to the story about a travelling circus that is sabotaged.

The children were full of energy and enthusiasm throughout rehearsals and the performances, demonstrating the emerging talents and passions that Packwood pupils have for Drama. When three cast members fell poorly, understudies stepped up and were incredible, with one boy learning 50 lines in just 24 hours.

The pupil led backstage and audio visual crew did an outstanding job too. Every Packwood play is a real team effort and this was no exception.

From singing cats, dancing bugs, clowns, teddy bear wrestling gladiators and a ventriloquist’s dummy, the Greatest Show really had something for everyone, as the heroes threw a spanner into the evil machinations of steam-punk villain ‘The Colonel’ and her pair of snake-oil-salesmen accomplices.

Thanks and congratulations go to every member of the cast and crew of this spectacular show.

Packwood’s Senior Play this year will be ‘All Shook Up’, with auditions taking place before the Easter holidays.