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Packwood Haugh - day and boarding school for 4-13 year old boys and girls

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Vibrant drama performance

Junior Play Wows Audience

Junior Plays at Packwood are usually fun and energetic, with a sprinkling of chaos, but it is fair to say that this term’s production of ‘Star Warts, the Umpire Strikes Back’ was in a galaxy all of its own.

“Toby Wonky Nosebleed, you are our only hope...” pleaded the Princess with the iconic hairdo.

It was fantastic to see all the year five and six pupils climb aboard, strap themselves in and blast off to “infinity and a little bit further“. The laughs came faster than the Millenium Penguin and although we were treated to some outstanding individual performances and solos, what made the drama so special was the energy, enthusiasm and commitment that every pupil put into the three shows. Most of us adults can’t even clap in time, so to see the whole cast, splendid in their amazing costumes and makeup, perfecting every dance routine was real treat. Whether helping behind the scenes, in the technical box, with the lighting, or delivering perfect lines on stage, the ‘future’ is certainly theirs, as their songs suggested.

Huge thanks to everyone involved supporting the cast and putting on such a memorable and impressive performance. No rest for Mrs Mainwaring of course, with Gottadance, LAMDA and auditions for the Summer Senior Play already underway. Floreat Packwood Performing Arts, it’s “written in the stars“.