Packwood Haugh - day and boarding school for 4-13 year old boys and girls
Packwood Haugh - day and boarding school for 4-13 year old boys and girls

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Children and parents singing in school classroom

Celebration of Learning

Parents of the Year 3 and Year 4 children enjoyed a variety of lessons at the Packwood Celebration of Learning.

Year 3 worked inside and outside to consolidate and extend their learning about ‘adverbs’. They described how bubbles moved, checked their spelling of different adverbs, and completed sentences and poems with adverbs. In French, the parents and children were singing and dancing to fun French songs and in Art they experimented with colour blending in the wonderful art studio.

In Year 4, the parents and children had the opportunity to perform on stage in the theatre for their Drama lesson. The superheroes theme proved to be very entertaining. In Maths, pupils demonstrated their skills as they reviewed recent concepts. In Music, the children worked with their parents to create a piano duet: the pupils composed a melody and their parents provided chords or another accompaniment.

In Science they explored magnetic fields: the shapes and direction of magnetic fields and recognising that the Earth has a magnetic field allowing us to use bar magnets to help with directions, by using a compass. Alongside all this exceptional learning, Mrs Rogers encouraged the Year 4s to recognise the importance of building and maintaining wellbeing in their P.S.H.E. lesson. It was a lovely opportunity for the children and their parents to discuss what makes them feel happy, comfortable and healthy.

It is wonderful to be able to share the breadth of learning experiences at Packwood with our parents, a busy morning thoroughly enjoyed by all. The Year 5 and Year 6 Celebration of Learning will take place on Saturday 18th May, followed by the Year 5 & Year 6 Sports Day.