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    Achieving success


The co-curricular programme is at the centre of an all round Packwood education, giving children the opportunity to discover and develop their talents and passions. Pupils have lessons every week in Art, Music, Drama, DT and PE whilst there is a games session every afternoon except for Thursday when pupils take part in the Packwood Award. A varied programme of clubs and activities is available for Juniors as part of the school day and after supper for Seniors.

At Packwood we want pupils to discover new passions by trying something new and taking on a range of challenges as well as further developing their existing talents. You might be in the football team but have you ever tried fencing? You might enjoy music but have you sung in a cathedral as part of a choir or on stage in a musical?

Our co-curricular programme plays a vital role in helping our children to develop key skills by taking on new challenges, solving problems as part of a team and learning to cope with both victory and defeat.