Year 3s investigate Roman life

Year 3 History lessons this term have been all about the Ancient Romans. They rounded off their studies today with an exciting trip to Dewa Roman Experience in Chester.

Conrad, our knowledgeable and friendly guide, gave the children a brilliantly entertaining insight into the sights, sounds and smells of life in the city in Roman times. We pretended to row our galley all the way from the Mediterranean to the River Dee. Here we disembarked and explored Roman Chester (Dewa) including the shops and public baths. We learned about the work of the medicus, the food the Romans ate, how they washed themselves and a little too much information about going to the loo!

We had a tour of the archaeological dig site in the museum and saw many of the finds it has yielded. There was the chance to dress up, try on armour, practise firing an onager and construct models of a hypocaust and a bridge. We explored the museum exhibits and later, equipped with shields, we were drilled in defensive formations (the testudo and the contra equus) by our strict centurion commander, Secondus. Finally, we marched to Chester’s ancient amphitheatre where Mrs Hammond was defeated in gladiatorial combat by Mr Herzog.