Sensational Sixes’ Languages Day

Packwood rang to the sound of myriad different languages today as the normal daily curriculum was suspended and the children took part in a fantastic, fun Sixes’ Languages Day.

Coordinated with perfect precision by Mr Nogues the day offered the chance to sample no fewer than 10 languages – a variety from around Europe (German, Italian, Dutch, Romanian, Spanish and the fiendishly difficult Hungarian), some more familiar to our east Asian pupils (Chinese and Japanese) and some completely new to most of the Packwood community (Maori and Swahili).

Sessions were led by the many linguists on the school’s multi-talented staff body and by several former and current Packwood parents who kindly gave up their time to join us today.

The children enjoyed a variety of fun activities designed to introduce them to some basics of the different languages. There was singing, dancing and music-making, videos and slideshows, a QR code treasure hunt, flag designing and more.

Throughout the day, the different Sixes groups were awarded marks for teamwork, for the success they achieved and for creativity. When the points were tallied up at the end of the day, it emerged that Harcourt Clarkes was the winning Six. Congratulations to them for their wholehearted efforts throughout the day.

As Mr Nogues explained to the children in assembly this morning, learning a foreign language can open up many opportunities and greatly enhance the experience of visiting other countries. Hopefully, today will have whetted the appetites of the children and inspired them to have a go at learning more.