Packwood Young Thinker’s Winning Design

Four bright young minds from Packwood were shortlisted for this year’s Shropshire Young Thinker award. We were delighted when Vivian was deservedly crowned winner for her superb emblem, which uses bold imagery to connect Shrewsbury with its Darwinian heritage.

This is the third year running that Packwood has had finalists in this now-annual competition, run by Morris and co with University Centre Shrewsbury. This year’s challenge was to create a striking design to highlight the link between Shrewsbury and Darwin in 2020.

Packwood pupils Jason, Oscar, Poppy and Vivian all rose to the challenge with some eye-catching emblems. Some chose computer-aided techniques, whilst others drew cleverly on the symbolism of both Darwin and the county town: apes, Darwin’s beard, town spires and the loop in the River Severn were all popular motifs.

All the finalists had their designs displayed at the museum and art gallery, whilst Vivian’s winning design has been replicated on flags, t-shirts and wall art at the university campus to coincide with Darwin’s birthday week.

Packwood Deputy Head Roy Chambers is a big fan of the annual competition: “every year the judging panel come up with an intriguing challenge which invites pupils to think across subject boundaries and work both creatively and independently. From a club session run one winter evening here at Packwood, I was delighted at how many boarding and day children rose to the challenge, including a number of junior pupils.”

As for Vivian, her next challenge is an Art Scholarship attempt to Downe House school.