Packwood Ski Trip to Sestriere, Italy

A tour party of 24 Packwood pupils and 3 staff enjoyed an excellent week’s skiing at the start of the Easter of Holidays. We were based in Sestriere in the Italian Alps, a mountain resort at 2,000m above sea level. Even at the end of a poor season in terms of snow, there was plenty of scope for skiing at all levels when we arrived. This was even more the case halfway through the week, when it snowed for 24 hours without stopping. One Packwood boy then asked me, ‘Sir, why does it look like Christmas?’.

We were an eclectic bunch of younger and older boys and girls, ranging from advanced skiers to complete beginners, including amongst the staff. All three ski groups were well taught by the Italian ski school, with the beginner group making excellent progress through the week. Mr Watt rounded off each day beautifully, inviting nominations for ‘garage sale’, ‘tantrum’ and ‘superstar’ of the day. Pupils – and staff alike – took such public embarrassments in the good-natured way they were intended.

Thanks are also due to Miss Jones who proved to be a superb mother figure to the younger ones, and made excellent progress with her ‘snowplough’. All the Packwood children coped well with the changing conditions both on and off the slopes – ranging from thick fog to glorious sunshine. A treat on the penultimate night include pizzas (with chips on?) in a local restaurant, which made a welcome change from the hotel’s devotion to pasta. We hope for a return visit next year, assuming Mrs Chambers lets me out to play again…