Packwood Gundog Trial

A wet Sunday morning and the excesses of the previous evening’s comedy night could not combine to deter the hardy Packwood parents and their offspring turning up for the second annual Packwood Gundog Trial.

In all about twelve families appeared, each with at least one gundog. They were faced with various tests typical of the sort a gundog may be called upon to perform in the field. Mr Jones’ admirable senior citizen Logie (retriever, deer tracker and general thug) performed the task first and then the contestants each had a go. Some did well, some did averagely and some preferred to assist Mrs Jones with the delicious ‘chilli con-venison’ she produced for us at the end of the event.

Of course, none of it mattered; it was all about the laughs and banter. In the end, four dogs stood out as potential winners but only one of them could perform the tricky, final blind retrieve; and so it was that the Scott family and their impressive black lab, Mist, were judged the winners for the second time.

Many, many thanks to all of those who took part especially the cook and the Scott family, who actually donated the trophy (a coincidence, I promise you).