Packwood Acorns visit Chester Zoo

Acorns enjoyed a fabulous day out at Chester Zoo. We arrived early so that we could have a full day looking at all the lovely animals around the zoo. We saw all sorts of animals from sloths to lions, bears to rhinos, and meerkats to camels. The chimpanzees were a clear favourite for the children in Year One and Two. They were play fighting and swinging on the ropes in their enclosure which everyone thought was really funny! Reception could not decide on their favourite- they “loved all of them”. We enjoyed a picnic lunch and were joined by a very friendly duck who had a great time eating any scraps of food that were dropped! The day finished with a workshop about penguins run by staff and volunteers at the zoo. We saw real penguin feathers and an egg shell, and we learned all about how penguins are adapted to their environment. The zoo staff were very impressed with all the knowledge the children shared and the teachers were very proud of the Acorns.