Packwood Acorns Open Assembly

Last Friday saw the first Acorns Open Assembly of the year. Using the Acorns topic of ‘Turrets and Tiaras’ as the theme, the children from Reception to Year 2 showcased a range of skills and shared some of the things they have been learning about in their lessons. The assembly opened with songs and a musical performance in which the children in Year 1 and 2 played instruments and the Reception children danced. Year 2 then followed this with a presentation about defending castles. They talked about the different parts of the castle and explained how they were built to offer the best defence from enemies. Year 1 finished the assembly with a demonstration of ‘knight moves’. The children showed everyone some fencing movements and were very convincing knights!
The teachers were delighted with the children’s performances and are very excited to get started on the next Acorns production, the Christmas nativity play.