Packwood Acorns Ice Worlds Science Day

On Tuesday Acorns enjoyed a special ‘Ice Worlds’ Themed Science Day. The excitement and buzz started immediately as the children arrived at school and showed each other their wonderful ‘Ice Worlds’ costumes! There were polar bears, penguins, and arctic animals galore! Throughout the day the children explored a variety of different Science based activities. We looked at which materials make ice melt the fastest. The children made predictions before carrying out their test to see if they were right. We made sticky ice where the children added salt to string before seeing if they could ‘catch’ some ice and make it stick. Some ice was harder to catch than other pieces! Finally we looked at how blubber helps to keep Polar animals warm. We put our hands in gloves- one empty and one filled with blubber (vegetable oil) – to see if we could feel if the blubber helped to keep us warmer when we submerged our hands in ice cubes! The activities culminated in a special session in the Science lab with Mr Watt. Wearing their goggles for safety they explored what happened when dry ice was added to water. They loved watching the gas float off and listening to the noises that were being made made! He also showed us how dry ice can inflate a balloon just as well as a person!