Music Hall favourites

This year’s Sixes Music Competition took its theme from our 125th anniversary celebrations, so all songs were chosen from the Victorian music hall. Mr Quentin Thomas, the Director of Music at Oundle, provided some humorous, positive and thoughtful comments as this year’s adjudicator.

McFerran Wilsons performed first and Tom M, Daniel G and Lucy C got the show off to a fine start with their double bass, piano and vocal solos respectively. The whole of McFerrans then joined in singing the set song, Offenbach’s ‘Gendarmes’ Duet’, a popular Victorian comic song, followed by their own-choice piece, the catchy ‘Champagne Charlie’.

Second up was Mannings Sodens, whose dynamic variation in their patriotic song, ‘Sons of the Sea’, particularly impressed Mr Thomas. The Mannings soloists, Poppy B, Cai H and Francia B also provided confident and musical solo items on the piano, trombone and trumpet.

The reigning champions, Bradshaw Boyces, were very well-represented by Harrison F on clarinet, Lucy M on piano and Elsa W with a vocal piece. As a Six, they were particularly commended for their team spirit and enthusiastic singing, especially in their own-choice song, ‘The Man who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo’.

Finally, Henry C, Keith A and Eve L took to the stage to represent Harcourt Clarkes on recorder, percussion and violin, again with some fine and technically challenging performances. Harcourt Clarkes were much depleted in numbers but still managed to impress Mr Thomas with their projection and strong rhythmic performance of both songs, particularly their own song, ‘Where did you get that hat?’

The Sixes Music Competition is always an enjoyable event, with the whole school taking part, and this year was no exception. It was lovely to see soloists of all ages and levels representing their Sixes, ranging from younger Grade 1 players up to Daniel G’s Chopin Nocturne and Eve L’s Mozart Sonata. Ultimately it was Bradshaw Boyces who took the trophy for a second year running, but the marks were close and all Sixes were in with a good chance. Well done to all involved – staff included – for another successful competition!