Magical maths and mesmerizing museums

Pupils in Packwood Acorns have enjoyed the first of their many annual special theme days and educational trips during the last week.

On Maths Day, they immersed themselves in a variety of activities looking at money, shapes, weighing, and problem solving. Working together in mixed age groups the children completed picture Sudoku challenges, solved riddles in an outdoor shape hunt, practised that invaluable real life skill of spending money in the Acorns ‘shop’, and solved secret codes.

The new school week began with a wonderful trip to Shrewsbury Museum. Head of Packwood Acorns, Mrs Rigby, writes:

“Our trip to the museum comprised a fantastic hands-on, innovative story-telling morning. Our guides escorted the children to different parts of the museum and regaled them with familiar fairy stories related to the exhibits, for example, they enjoyed the tale of the Princess and the Pea when they were looking at a Tudor bed.

“In the next part of the session the children put their own imaginations to work. Divided into mixed age groups of four or five children, they planned their own stories and, using Lego bricks, they built the beginning, middle and ends of their stories. Once complete, each group took it in turns to share their story with the rest of the Acorns. It was clear that they all learned a lot from this interesting approach to developing their ideas and, for children so young, the results were extremely impressive.”