Wraparound care

As a boarding school, Packwood is able to support busy parents of day children by providing extended care at both ends of the school day.

As well as our minibus services transporting children to and from school, we are able to offer a range of options:

Breakfast – day pupils may join the boarders for breakfast at 7.45 am. There is always a delicious variety of hot and cold options – bacon, sausages, eggs, cereals and croissants are just some of the children’s favourites.

School supper – day pupils may have supper at school at 5.40 pm. This is a full meal comprising a main course and dessert. Bread and butter along with jam and other spreads are always available too.

Evening clubs – a wide range of clubs and activities, open to boarders and day pupils in pupils in Y7-Y8, take place from 6.30-7.30 pm. Some of the most popular include canoeing, fencing, mixed hockey, art, drama and debating.

Occasional boarding – day pupils may choose to board on up to three regular nights a week. They join in with the fun, games, special events and themed evenings that take place in the boarding houses and sleep in dorms on the same landing as boarders in their year group.