Hinduism and Islam come to life for Year 5

As part of their study of the major world religions of Hinduism, Islam and Christianity in RS this year, the Year 5s visited a mosque and a Hindu temple in Derby yesterday.

The children were fascinated by their unfamiliar surroundings – not just in the places of worship that were so different to the Christian churches with which they are familiar, but also by the sights, sounds and smells they encountered as they walked past Halal butchers, Indian sweet shops, and shops selling saris and wedding jewellery.

Their visit culminated at the Derby Open Centre where they took part in a wedding workshop with Barney P and Ella C making a very happy couple! The children learned about the different customs and traditions of Hindu and Muslim weddings. They made wedding favours and dressed up in colourful traditional clothing before trying their hand at some celebratory dancing, which they performed very enthusiastically.

Head of RS, Mrs Edwards, commented, “Our annual trip to Derby is always an engaging and immersive experience for the children – they enjoy it very much and invariably learn a lot.”