Headmaster’s Exeat Letter – 5th October 2018

Dear Parent,

The last couple of weeks of school have provided yet more evidence of the height, breadth and depth of a Packwood education. In amongst the normal lessons children have been taking cognitive ability tests, enjoyed a Greek and Roman morning, perused the books on offer in the scholastic book fair, listened to talks on Copper to Copernicum and the Power of Music, played in countless sports matches against other schools, visited a battlefield and received training on Internet safety. But perhaps most remarkable of all, some of the boarders played in a bicycle polo competition with a winning trophy presented in this Monday’s Assembly. There is undoubtedly something on offer for everyone here.

Classics themed mornings at Packwood

Pupils enjoyed two fantastic Classics mornings last week. Year 7 experienced life in the Roman army and learned all about Ancient Rome and Roman Britain. As well as bringing lots of armour to show us and to try on, ‘Titus the Centurion’ took pupils outside and trained them in the ancient testudo formation, essential to the Roman defence. The children learned some fascinating facts, such as the tactics used when defeating Boudicca, what the Romans had for breakfast and also why it was a risky occupation to be an emperor. Titus had Year 7 marching up and down to his commands before heading back indoors to learn about an impressive array of swords and spears.

Meanwhile Year 6 were focusing on Ancient Athens and Sparta (not Greece – that came later!) and learned a lot from ‘Archon the Athenian’ about dozens of replica exhibits and pieces of weaponry. Pupils were divided into the two city states and enjoyed an Olympic shield-bearing race, as well as learning the truth behind several Classical myths. Mrs Besterman enjoyed the chance to hurl missiles (rubber-tipped, of course) at the horde of oncoming soldiers. It was a thoroughly fun and fact-filled morning.


The U11 and U13 Girls Lacrosse teams competed extremely well in the tournament at Moreton Hall last Saturday and there were further fine performances by the girls in the 1st and

2nd VII hockey teams playing in a triangular against Moreton Hall and Prestfelde this week. The boys have enjoyed a good number of football fixtures. The U8, U11A and U11C matches against Shrewsbury High were terrific with two wins and a draw. Special mention must go to Barney W who scored 4 goals in the U11C match.

Enjoying a delicious tea after matches with all the teams is one of the traditions that makes Packwood stand out from other schools and is certainly looked forward to by the children. Please do not try to whisk your child away before match tea is finished unless it is absolutely essential. Please inform the member of staff taking the team if this needs to be the case.

Our young swimmers put in an excellent performance at the County Prep Schools swimming gala at Old Hall this week. The team came a very creditable third place, including individual wins for Isaac M (25m backstroke and front crawl) and Maddie G (25m front crawl) and a relay victory for the Year 6 boys (Teddy G, Henry L, Simon V and Isaac M).

Congratulations to our riders who competed so well at South View. There were a number of top 5 finishes and individual qualifications for the Championships in Jumping with Style (90cm and 100cm) for Archie T and in Show Jumping (70cm and 80cm) for Felix B and (90cm and 100cm) again for Archie T.

Good luck to the boys and girls taking part in the Shrewsbury Hunt this weekend.

Forthcoming events

May I bring to your attention the following events coming up soon:

Monday 8th
Year 8 Geography fieldwork trip to Carding Mill Valley
Tuesday 9th
Packwood Acorns Big Blue Day
Wednesday 10th
Cognitive Ability Tests – Year 6
Thursday 11th
Cognitive Ability Tests – Year 7
Packwood Acorns Reception Parents and Children
Arts & Crafts
Friday 12th
Jeans for Genes Day*
Saturday 13th
Packwood Haugh Open Day
Sunday 14th
Church Service with visiting preacher Mark Tremlett, Harrow
School and Packwood Haugh Headmaster Elect Rob Fox
Monday 15th
Talk to Parents by Headmaster Elect Rob Fox at 5.30pm in the Theatre
Tuesday 16th
Packwood Acorns Blue Planet Aquarium Visit
Wednesday 17th
Year 3 Parents’ Meetings
Scholarship Club: Psychology, Sport and Scholarship by Charlie Thurstan
Thursday 18th
Sixes Music Competition
Assessments to Parents
Half term Begins at 5.50pm

* £2 will be added to the school bill to help children with genetic disorders


The Sixes Music Competition will take place on Thursday 18th October starting as soon as possible after 3.30pm and set to finish at around 5.30pm.

Unfortunately, there isn’t space for all parents to watch, but the parents of the soloists are invited, both to the competition itself and to afternoon tea with the adjudicator. This year’s soloists are as follows:

Mannings SodensJoseph B (piano), Oscar C (euphonium) and Barney W (trombone)
McFerran WilsonsSuzanna P (singing), Daniel G (piano/cello) and Annabelle O (singing)
Bradshaw BoycesSean L (piano), John L (violin) and Pippa F (piano)
Harcourt ClarkesHugo R (clarinet), Alexis K (saxophone) and Millie P (singing)

All children have been given a sheet with the set song (Mamma Mia) and their individual Sixes song (taken from Mamma Mia 2). Any help which you could give with learning the song words at home over the next couple of weeks would be much appreciated.

Bits & Bobs

Children can be dropped off in the morning at any time from 8.00am. Form takers spend time with their children from 8.15am onwards preparing for the day ahead and discussing relevant matters, so it is helpful for your child to be in the classroom at this time.

A huge thank you to parents who brought in donations for the Harvest Festival Service at the village church. They have now been passed on to the Oswestry and borders Foodbank.

School Council elections took place last week and congratulations to the following children who were voted in to represent their forms: Tilly B (3H), Henry G (3L), Matilda W (4H), Ben T (4F), Harry C (5W), Jack W (6E), Teddy G (6R), Daniel O (7B), William C (7C), Alexis K (7H), Will H (8N), Suzanna P (8W) and Arthur M (8P).

I wish you a very pleasant exeat weekend