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Sports and games

Packwood has always had a very strong sporting tradition, boasting many international caps, across a range of sports, amongst its alumni.  Part of the school ethos is to offer sports every afternoon, and the girls and boys enjoy regular success in local, regional and national tournaments.

  • Grit and resilience
  • Fit healthy kids
  • Offering children the opportunity to try lots of sports
  • Helping children find their thing
  • Offering some children a more basic/ more advanced progress path and bespoke coaching to their needs

We arrange as many fixtures as possible each term, with the aim that every child will have the opportunity to represent the school in matches. At the highest level some children go on to represent their regions and countries in their chosen sports.

Facility wise, we are blessed with a wonderful 65-acre site. As well as a large area of grass playing fields, there is a full-size floodlit AstroTurf pitch, a modern sports hall (including indoor cricket nets, gymnastics circuit, fencing salle and badminton nets), a covered swimming pool, a nine-hole golf course, outdoor and indoor shooting ranges, outdoor cricket nets, nine tennis courts (grass, Astro and hard) and a fishing lake and stream. There is also cross country running on our own one mile course in the grounds. Outside of school we partner with local Sailing Clubs, Rowing faculties, Equestrian and Polo arenas and Olympic Size swimming pools.

In the winter terms the boys play rugby, football and hockey while the girls play hockey, netball and lacrosse.

In the summer both girls and boys play cricket, tennis, swimming and athletics.

Part of the Packwood Way is to “do our best, to be our best”  and emphasis is placed both on good sportsmanship and being good hosts (the renowned ‘Match Teas’ certainly help!) .