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    Academic excellence

Typical daily timetable

7.30Minibuses leave Shrewsbury and Ellesmere/Wem with day children*
8.15Form time
8.35Morning assembly
10.45Morning break
12.30Lessons and junior lunch
1.10Lessons and senior lunch
1.45Afternoon break followed by lessons
5.00Prep for seniors/Activities for juniors
5.50Minibuses leave for Shrewsbury and Ellesmere/Wem with day children*
5.50Boarders' supper
6.30Senior Clubs or Study Time/Junior boarders' activities
7.15Free time
7.30Boarders' bedtime onwards

* Minibus routes subject to change according to demand.

On Wednesdays and Saturdays there are no afternoon lessons and day children may go home at 4 pm – or at 12.05 pm for those in Year 3 – unless involved in matches (2.30 pm start).

Weekends for the boarders

As well as all the on-site facilities for the children to enjoy, a wide variety of outings and activities is organised by the staff every Sunday.

In each term there is a half-term break, with fixed exeat weekends from Friday 3.45 pm
to Sunday bedtime/Monday morning. Other weekends are either Optional or All-in and boarders may choose to go home for some Optional weekends.

The tuck-shop is open for boarders twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays.