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ICT is an integral part of everyday life in today’s world and continues to evolve rapidly. As such it is crucial for children to gain confidence and ability in its use not only to help enrich and extend their learning while at school, but also for their future lives, at home and in the workplace.

ICT is included in the timetable for every child at Packwood, from EYFS to Year 8. All children in Year 3 and above have two lessons a week, reflecting the increasing importance of the subject.

Pupils are taught in our three dedicated ICT suites, one of which is primarily used by the Art and CDT departments. As well as ICT lessons, these rooms are regularly booked by other subject teachers who use the great facilities to support their own curriculum areas. The ICT curriculum at Packwood is focused on two main goals – teaching the children how to use the software that will support their learning across the board, and keeping them up to date and safe in the digital world. We concentrate on the core set of ICT skills including working with different presentation tools, such as Word and PowerPoint, and working on handling and presenting data which supports their work in Maths, Science and Geography. From Year 4 pupils begin to learn programming through Logo and Scratch, and in Years 7 and 8 they are introduced to blogging as well as working with images and video editing.

We also have a set of class iPads which are used across the curriculum from French lessons to outside science lessons.

We place great emphasis on making sure the children are kept safe, and that they become responsible users who know how to keep themselves safe, whilst using a computer. This means that alongside our robust internet filtering software, we also cover digital safety in lessons.

All Year 3 boarders and every child from Year 4 upwards has their own school email which is a very popular facility, enabling them to contact friends and relatives with ease. External Webmail is blocked for security reasons.

There is a rolling programme of updating and developing the school’s ICT facilities.