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Daily Life- Juniors


Juniors (Years 3-5)
7.45am Breakfast
8.20-9.00am Form Time / Assembly
9.00-10.30am Lesson 1 and 2
10.30-11.00am Break
11.00-12.30pm Lesson 4 and 5
12.30-1.00pm Lunch
1.00-1.45pm Break / Enrichment
1.45-3.15pm Games
3.15-3.30pm Break
3.30-5.00pm Lesson 5 and 6
5.00-5.40pm Activities
5.40-6.10pm Supper
6.30-7.15pm Junior Boarders’ Activities
7.15pm onwards Free Time / Bedtime Routine


On Wednesdays and Saturdays pupils have lessons until 12.30pm followed by games in the afternoon. Pupils can be collected at 3.30pm or after their sports fixture. Pupils in Year 3 can go home at 12.30pm on Saturday.

Exeat and Half Term pick up times are at 3.15pm.