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The Tutor System

Pupils in Years 3-8 are looked after by a Form Tutor. With small class sizes and sessions every morning, the Form Tutors really get to know the children. On Thursday mornings there are longer sessions to allow time for in depth group discussions on key areas such as building healthy relationships, well-being and topical issues.

Walk and Talk

A particular feature of the tutor system is our ‘Walk and Talk’ programme. Tutors have regular one to one meetings with their tutees to discuss how things are going. These might be in a classroom, walking around the grounds or even over a game of table tennis and include discussions on academic and co-curricular areas as well as their relationships. They help to give tutors an insight into what is going well and any areas in need of support.


The relationships between the School and parents is of paramount importance and Form Tutor play a leading role in this area. We believe in pro-active communications – Form Tutors will communicate regularly with parents by email, phone or face to face. We like to share good news rather than only contacting parents when things go wrong. We also encourage parents to get in touch with any questions or concerns.