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    Boarder Girls

Meet the houseparents

Park House, the girls’ boarding house, is run by James and Beth Mullock. James teaches Geography and PSHE as well as boys’ games and he has been part of the boarding team at Packwood since he joined the school in 2011. Beth joined Packwood in 2012 as a Teaching Assistant and member of the girls’ games staff. She was Assistant Matron in Park House up until her maternity leave began – she and James now have two young sons, Otto and Dougie, and a daughter, Maggie. Mr and Mrs Mullock work with Assistant Girls’ Houseparent, Miss Jones and several other members of staff help out on a boarding duty rota.

Chris Leese is the boys’ houseparent. Chris teaches Maths and English as well as boys’ games and he has worked at Packwood for the last six years. Chris has three young children George, Charlotte and Isabel. He is assisted in his houseparenting role by other members of teaching staff and three matrons, one of whom is always available 24 hours a day.