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    Boarder Girls

Meet the houseparents


Park House, the girls’ boarding house, is run by James and Beth Mullock. James is Head of Geography and involved in the sports programme and he has been part of the boarding team at Packwood since he joined the school in 2011. Mrs. Mullock is not a teacher but is completely involved in the House- she is always a great listener and the girls have a fantastic relationship with her. The Mullocks now have two young sons, Otto and Dougie, and two daughters, Maggie and . Mr and Mrs Mullock work with Assistant Girls’ Houseparent, Miss Jackson who also lives within the boarding house. Miss Jackson is one of the girls’ sport teachers and loves her netball!

Roy and Cristina Chambers are the boys’ houseparents. Roy was a boarder from the tender age of eight and loved the full prep school experience. He is now one of Packwood’s deputy heads and teaches English. Cristina is not a teacher but works as a counsellor- she is always a great listener if one of the boys needs someone to talk to and is fully involved in the House.
They are backed up by a strong team of experienced boarding staff and matrons, with their two young children (Jessica and Sebastian) and dog (Laika) not far behind.