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    Boarder Girls

Boarding routine

7.10 am Boarders are woken in the morning by the houseparents and Matrons. After washing, cleaning their teeth and combing their hair, they make their beds and tidy their dorms.

7.45 am Breakfast

8.15 am The school day begins with form time and assembly followed by lessons, Games, prep and activities.

5.45 pm- 6.30 pm Supper depending on the Year Group.

6.15 pm  Junior boarders take part in activities and for the older boarders, there are clubs or study time, supervised by staff, after which there is free time.

7.00 pm At the end of the day, boarders return to their boarding houses

Once upstairs the boarders will shower and then have time to relax and chat with friends/use the telephone/play games/read until Lights out

 8.15 pm Lights out times are staggered according to age from 8.15 pm for the youngest boarders until 9.30 pm for the Year 8s.

Saturday routine is slightly different: in the autumn and spring terms everyone comes up at 6.30 pm, has hot chocolate and biscuits then settles down to enjoy a movie. On Sundays they get up half an hour later and go to bed half an hour earlier than the usual routine, so that everyone can get an early night before the start of another busy week. In the summer term, bedtimes are half an hour later to take advantage of the light evenings.