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Boarding Options Girls

Boarding Options Girls

Boarding is an important part of Packwood. Most pupils board at some point during their time here, whether this is as a full boarder, a couple of nights a week or as a one off.

Pupils may choose to become a boarder at any stage. There are three types:

Full boarding

Boarders are at school for the duration of each school term. In addition to the half term break each term there also are exeat weekends as well as optional Sundays, when boarders may choose to be away from school.

Transitional boarding

For the first three terms of being a boarder, a child is called a ‘transitional boarder’ and has the option to go home after Games on Saturdays and return either on Sunday night or Monday morning.

Occasional boarding

This a completely flexible option where parents can book their child in for regular nights or on an ad hoc basis. The majority of pupils will choose to board occasionally during their time at Packwood and many move to becoming full boarders.

Park House

Park House, the girls’ boarding house, is run by James and Beth Mullock. James is Head of Geography and involved in the sports programme. He has been part of the boarding team at Packwood since he joined the school in 2011. Mrs. Mullock is fully involved in House life- she is always a great listener and the girls have a fantastic relationship with her. The Mullocks have two young sons, Otto and Dougie, and two daughters, Maggie and Delilah . Mr and Mrs Mullock are supported by a team of experienced boarding staff including, Miss Jackson, Assistant Girls’ Houseparent, boarding tutors and graduate assistants. Miss Jackson is one of the girls’ sport teachers, loves her netball and is resident in Park House.

Girl boarders live in Park House, a superb, purpose built boarding house in the school’s magnificent grounds. The bedrooms are on the first floor and are organised into landings, according to the age of the girls, with bathrooms and showers on each landing.

The boarding house is very much a home from home and the girls really enjoy decorating their rooms with their own posters, photographs, duvets and cushions.

The girls always feel at home in Park house and enjoy socialising in their common room in the evenings. Boarding staff often arrange theme nights, quizzes and activities in the evenings. There are also board games, cards, reading books and other activities so there is always something for everyone.