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    Boarder Girls

Boarding houses

Boy boarders are accommodated on the upper floors of the main school building. Dormitories are on four landings organised by year group. Ocean Landing is for the junior boarders (Years 3 to 5), Year 6 boys live on Jungle Landing and Year 7 on Legends Landing. Dormitories called Street, Boardroom, Wake and Snow make up the Senior Boys’ Landing for Year 8s.

Girl boarders live in Park House, a superb, purpose built boarding house in the school’s magnificent grounds. The dormitories are on the first floor and also organised into landings, according to the age of the boarders.

In both boarding houses there are bathrooms and showers on each floor. The dormitories undergo a rolling programme of refurbishment and redecoration so are always fresh and up to date. The children feel quite at home and enjoy personalising their rooms with their own colourful duvets, posters, photographs and toys. Dormitories are rearranged every term and the boarders are able to share with at least one person of their choice.

If a child is unwell, they may rest and recuperate in the sanatorium upstairs in the main school building, which has separate rooms for boys and girls.

Packwood’s boarding houses are happy places: busy, yet calm and relaxed. Boarders are encouraged to socialise in the evenings, and often staff on duty arrange theme nights, quizzes, activities or performances and join in enthusiastically with the children! There are also board games, cards, reading books and other activities so there is always something for everyone.

Staying in touch

We are very keen that boarders maintain good contact with their families when they are at school. As well as being able to use email during the day, they may also use the boarding house phones. Children with parents living abroad can use Skype in the evening or in the Matrons’ common room during the day if their families are in a different time zone.