Appointment of the Head of Packwood Haugh School – Letter to Parents

Dear Parent
Appointment of the Head of Packwood Haugh School

I know that you have all been waiting for the announcement of the appointment of the new Head to succeed Clive Smith-Langridge. The Governors of Packwood interviewed three outstanding candidates on Tuesday 26th June and I am now delighted to announce that Robert Fox, currently Assistant Head Pastoral Care and Boarding at Harrow International School, Hong Kong has been appointed to the position.

Robert was educated at Bradfield College and read Geography at Bristol University before taking his PGCE at Nottingham University. He has gained extensive experience in a number of boarding prep schools, progressing rapidly to Head of Department and management roles. In 2008, he moved to Foremarke Hall, Repton Prep where he was promoted to the Senior Leadership Team as well as being Head of Boarding with his wife Kate. Whilst there, he came to Packwood on a number of occasions and told us that he so admired the school that he intended to apply for the Headship if it came available.

Robert moved to Hong Kong in 2013 as it was an exciting opportunity to be involved in the development of a new school overseas, which has grown in size to 1250 pupils ranging from years 3 to 13. In his current role, he has specific responsibility for the pastoral care of the 750 pupils in the Prep and Senior Houses. His wife, Kate also works for Harrow International as the Admissions Officer. Robert’s passion for prep school and boarding education and tireless energy has commended him to both parents and staff over his years of teaching. His enthusiasm and innovative and inspirational approach is widely recognised and the Governors and staff are looking forward to having Robert as the new Packwood Head.

Robert is required to give two term’s notice in his current role so will be joining Packwood in April 2019 so that he is in post for the start of the Summer Term. In the meantime, we are in the process of appointing a locum Head for the Spring Term to assist our very capable Deputy Heads for that period.

Robert and Kate bring a wealth of educational, financial and marketing experience to the role and will be joined by their three children, Molly (15), Cameron (13) and William (10). I know that you will all join me in welcoming them warmly with our best wishes for the continued growth and prosperity of Packwood Haugh, the pupils and the staff.

Yours sincerely,

Liz Lewis
Chair of Governors