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What others say

A prospective parent writes:

“I am very pleased (and relieved) to report that my son would be thrilled to join Packwood; “I would miss my friends, Mummy, but I really want to come here!” He seems genuinely excited and, given the opportunity, would have joined in several of the lessons.

I would like to express how impressed we were with all the Packwood children. Their behaviour was exemplary in all respects and they exude a wonderful charm that simply delights. It is, indeed, a unique selling point of Packwood and one of which you are justifiably proud.”

A parent writes:

“I apologise that this is such a belated note to thank you and all the staff at Packwood for our son’s four very happy years.

It requires an act of faith to hand your child over to a school and we could not have been more delighted with his and our experience of Packwood. It was particularly interesting to be at a school which does not appear to bow to certain parental pressures.

We were all sorry to say goodbye to Packwood. However our son appears to have settled well at Shrewsbury and I know that his time at Packwood will always be fondly remembered.”

A parent writes:

“Our son has had a wonderful two years at Packwood. He was welcomed so warmly into the school community, encouraged in every possible way to thrive.

We have been so impressed by the united feel the school has. The staff seem to put their heart and soul into their lives at Packwood and give the school the feeling of a large happy family.

We wish you all at Packwood a huge thank you. I don’t know what the magic formula is, but you seem to have it just right.”

A parent writes:

As you may know, our second son xxxx will also be coming to Packwood in January. He is very much looking forward to meeting you. The minute we told him he had been given the green light to go, he bought an English text book and notebook and has already started to study English. He is very much looking forward to a new experience and he keeps on telling us “I am fine because I know Nick and Jane well!”

While our minds have to accept the fact that we are back to our normal and busy life in Tokyo, our hearts are always in the beautiful countryside of Packwood and Shrewsbury.”

A parent writes:

The time has absolutely flown, and I so clearly remember dropping him off for his “New Boys’ Day”. Also picking him up, where he told me he “really did not like Packwood and did not want to come!” I still have no idea why he said this, but how things have changed!

He has had such a fantastic time and as well as his huge academic success, which I have to thank everyone for contributing to, more importantly he has become quietly confident and self assured, and I hope this new confidence will prevent his first reactions to his senior school being negative!

You have all encouraged him hugely and he has so enjoyed this last year’s successes at sport. Also though, allowing him to continue his riding, outside school.

We wish all the very best in your move and very much look forward to rejoining Packwood in a year, for a new experience with our youngest.”