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What others say

A parent writes:

“Our son returned home on Friday after his Leavers’ trip into the Welsh mountains exhausted, with a bin bag of damp clothes and a big smile. He had a wonderful time and said that he felt he had achieved something during his week away.

We think that this reflects accurately his two years at Packwood Haugh. He has made friends, he has done well in his Common Entrance and he will be joining his senior school proud of the fact that he gained a scholarship. He is, however, sad to be leaving Packwood.

Thank you for everything you, Nick, the matrons and everyone else has done for ****. Your combined help and enthusiasm has been hugely valuable and if we as parents had any regrets, it would be that **** did not join Packwood earlier!”

A parent writes:

“As another generation of our family leave, we will look back on our sons’ time at the school as one during which they were happy, well looked after and thrived.

As parents we have felt welcome at all time and we have no doubt that the boys will look back with great fondness on their years at Packwood and will want to return whenever they can.”

A parent writes:

“As another school year comes to an end, so does our daughter’s time at Packwood. It has been eight very quick years, that have just got better and better, and we feel she has certainly ended on a high!

She has always enjoyed school, and are very proud of all she has achieved, and will (hopefully) go on to achieve at her senior school and beyond. She has made many great friends and takes with her many memories of so many experiences – trips, tournaments, matches, National finals, lessons, teachers, overseas friends, matrons, tuck-shop, boarding, monitors duties, different sporting opportunities etc etc.

She has accomplished much during her time at Packwood, and a lot of that is down to the support, encouragement and guidance of the staff, academic, sporting and pastoral. We would like to thank you and your team for your continued hard work and dedication to the students, and the school as a whole.”

A parent writes:

“I wanted to register our thanks to you and the whole team for doing so well by our children over the last six years. We are delighted in the differing characters of our children as they grow up, but I think our son would forgive me for saying that he does not slide through quite as serenely as his sisters! … we both owe a vote of thanks for the way in which Packwood has brought out the best in him, and set him up so well for the next stage of his journey as he moves on to his senior school.

Obviously we were delighted with the Common Entrance results, but this is only part of the equation. Our move to **** was I think quite tough on our son, he has always been very stoical about it; not easy having your old dad 6,000 miles away at such a formative stage – and so I give great credit to Packwood for the quality of pastoral care, which I think has been a real stabilising influence. In particular, we are really grateful to Duncan Reavill, Andy Livermore and Ken Webster for bringing him on, both in the classroom and on the games fields – though we know it is a ‘team result’.”