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What others say

A parent writes:

“As this is the first time that I’ve written to you in five years (is it really five years?!), you can take it that we’re part of the silent majority of very content parents! We have absolutely loved ‘Packers’ and feel very privileged that **** and **** have experienced such a great start in life and most of that is due to your very special school.

It has felt like one big happy family – sure it’s experienced the odd setback like any family does but the general results and quality of young teenager churned off Packwood’s famous production line has been very impressive. Every year the Packwood noticeboards rightly and proudly show off not only new academic scholarships, but also sport and music/art scholarships. The number of all-rounder awards is also hardly surprising, given Packwood’s genuine objective of providing a wide education for their pupils. The results from the sporting field for cricket, rugby and football at all age levels have been truly outstanding over recent years (and probably past) and I’m sure that will continue. You are the envy of many other schools.

When you first showed us around the school, of course we liked the facilities, the magnificent setting and the teachers, but I also remember thinking that any child picked at random during our tour could stand up confidently and tell us what they were doing in their lesson, whether they were 8 or 11.

Visiting Packwood has been a huge treat and a great escape from the trials and tribulations of business. We’ve loved watching the children play in their various activities, from ****’s first year in Mr Bourne’s U9 football team to ****’s wonderful flute performances – and she certainly owes a huge debt of gratitude to your good lady wife! I’ve loved watching **** become a promising young cricketer for School and County.

We’ve also noticed that Packwood, quite rightly, are keen to encourage the leavers that it’s time to move on, but I’m not sure you’ve been quite as successful with the parents! I know that **** can’t wait to go to Shrewsbury, but I’m not sure I’m ready to leave yet!! We’ll really miss the place and will miss the humourous chats with various teachers on the touchline or boundary or over a cup of tea.

I hope you won’t mind if we put in the odd guest appearance at Church (brilliant choice of hymns that are much more enjoyable than those of our local Church, which struggles to find one decent hymn a year!) or watching the odd match. Who knows, maybe one day we can return as proud grandparents?”

A visitor writes

“Thanks so much for a great (fencing) competition today.

We arrived mid-morning. The young Packwoodian on the gate of the overflow car park saw us overshoot the turning; he sprinted up and then sprinted back ahead of the car in a manner not seen since the repeal of the Locomotives Act 1898. His turn of pace over what I reckon was 250 yards suggested to me that you probably have a pretty good athletics team. However, I am always impressed by the manners and behaviour of the children at Packwood. It is a great school and everyone made us feel really welcome.”

A parent writes:

“I want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for everything that you and your team at Packwood have done for my son this year and for the last five years. He has had a wonderful time and I know that Packwood has set him up for a lifetime of learning and of taking part. He has made some good friends and I am very grateful for the care of Ali Banks and her team and the love of learning that he has gained from fabulous teaching staff – Nick Weston, Nick Jones and all.”