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    Inspiring environment

What others say

A parent writes:

“We thought we would write and say what a super time our boys are having at Packwood.

My son really enjoys everything the school offers. He is consistently inspired by the teachers who do more than simply teach the standard curriculum, but instead engender a real enthusiasm and interest in their subjects. He has a great class – they all seem to be firm friends – which is a true sign of the happy environment created at Packwood.

My son is not a huge fan of rugby and prefers his summer sports, so it good to hear that other sports are being offered during the winter term, with PACTS taking him to the rowing centre at Shrewsbury School. And it is also great that everyone of all standards plays in a team, experience the excitement of tournaments and having a match tea.

We also think that there is a super link between the different years, with children in the senior years very happy to play and talk to children in lower years.

We also love the fact that the class plays are being introduced in the main school, so that pupils, who don’t have main parts in the school play, get used to standing in front of an audience – a really important skill for future life.

My younger son has settled into Acorns so well. He has made lots of friends and his reading and maths are really improving thanks to the enthusiastic teaching he receives. He is flourishing in the happy Acorns environment.

It is lovely for us to hear the boys in the back of the car on the way home discuss the finer details of whether the chocolate whip or citrus sponge is the best pudding currently on offer at lunch time – shared experiences/memories that they will now enjoy, creating a stronger bond between them.

And finally, we like how you keep the parents involved with the school, with new parents dinners, the quiz nights, the match teas, etc – lots of fun.”

A parent writes:

“Big smiles all round in the **** household. Needless to say, much gratitude to Mr Dougan, Mr Cowley and Mrs Rigby for helping **** prepare this term. In fact, thanks to all at Packwood for helping him take such enormous strides in the past two years. His success reflects entirely on the endeavours of everyone there who has had a hand in his development. When he arrived, we hoped the school would help get him to a position where he would pass muster at CE. That he was able to even attempt a scholarship, much less be successful, is testament to the power of the Packwood Way; its diligence, rigour and ambition.”

A visitor writes:

“The tea and warm welcome which greeted us on such a cold day was much appreciated. But the real reason for putting pen to paper is the splendid bunch of pupils who, cheerfully, in the cold guided guests to a parking space and served refreshments. Polite without formality, relaxed among their teachers and felt comfortable to tuck into sandwiches as they warmed themselves from the cold. They are a credit to you. An excellent testimony for what is obviously a happy school.”