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Remote Learning Programme

Remote Learning Programme

In line with our focus on providing an excellent, all round education our Remote Learning Programme continues to provide pupils with a broad and stimulating experience. As one parent put it, ‘Packwood has provided gold standard care’.

Another parent tweeted ‘The remote learning programme is absolutely wonderful and truly reflects the commitment and expertise of all his teachers #feeling grateful feeling lucky’.

Prep School Programme

In the Prep School all lessons are taught live through Microsoft Teams. The day starts at 8.45am with a session with their Form Tutor, often including a short assembly or fun activity such as Funky Hair Friday. Pupils then engage live with their teachers and classmates as they follow their normal timetable. Pupils particularly enjoy the focus on practical subjects such as Drama, Art, Music and DT as well as their usual examined subjects. At lunchtimes there are voluntary supervised sessions for pupils to socialise with their friends. The school day finishes at 3.15pm although pupils can choose to take part in one of our many activities including sports clinics and challenges, Packwood Spring Watch and a range of Arts and Crafts.

Pupils continue to enjoy off curriculum days such as the Juniors’ ‘Round the World Day’ and the Year 8 ‘Shackleton Challenge Week’ culminating in a virtual camp out at home.


Acorns children take part in a range of live and pre-recorded sessions. The day starts at 9.00am with a Form Session or Assembly delivered live through Microsoft Teams. They then take part in a series of bespoke, sessions which have been pre-recorded by their teachers. This allows parents to structure their learning day to fit in with their busy lives. Our sessions include all areas of school life from Phonics to Forest School. Any resources required are sent by post in a weekly pack. The day finishes with a live story time with a teacher or the Headmaster.

Every week there is a one to one live session with every child as well as a check in with parents.