Acorns focus on light and dark

This term’s Science Day for the children in Packwood Acorns was on the theme of Light and Dark to complement their topic of Space. Earlier in the term, they had the chance to explore Earth’s galaxy and the constellations with the help of a fantastic inflatable planetarium brought to Packwood by the team from Techniquest in Wrexham.

Science Day on Tuesday was slightly less ‘out of this world’, but just as enjoyable with many different activities and experiments. The children investigated how reflective materials shine in the dark, and how this helps us to be safe at night. They looked at identical objects within two boxes, one with a torch and one without, and discussed the need for light to enable us to see. Using the whiteboard projector on a blank screen, the children were able to investigate shadows and to sort materials that are opaque, translucent and transparent.

Favourite of all though was finding out about the different phases of the moon and mimicking them by partially (or wholly) eating biscuits!