Prep school Arts Day

The annual prep school Arts Day hosted by Malvern College last week was an early highlight of the autumn term for a group of Packwood’s talented young musicians and artists.

The art enthusiasts were given the challenge of making a piece of wearable art or sculpture in the style of contemporary artist David Mach, known for his enormous sculptures made out of identical pieces of industrial components. The children enjoyed an inspirational talk illustrated with photos to help spark their ideas and were then presented with hundreds of different coloured cable ties to construct the ‘clothes’. A fashion mannequin was provided for the process of creating and no tape, nails or staples were used.

Claudia T quickly set to work making a type of necklace while others – Sienna M, Imogen M and Lulu B – worked together to make a striking African style skirt. Florence A used her usual artistic energy to offer advice and provide practical help in the details resulting in a superb finished piece.

Meanwhile, the musicians created a one-off orchestra with pupils from other prep schools, helped by pupils and teachers from Malvern. It was a great opportunity for Packwood’s COPS players to make music with other musicians in a much larger group than usual. The morning and early afternoon were spent rehearsing several new pieces of music, and then the best pieces – by Purcell and Elgar – were polished for a short performance to parents at the end of the day. The concert hall was also used to exhibit the amazing work produced by the pupils who had taken part in the art workshop during the morning.