Humanities trip to The Netherlands

Last week Packwood’s Year 8s enjoyed an exciting Humanities trip to The Netherlands where their busy itinerary encompassed elements of geography, history and art. In conversation with the children, it very quickly became clear that there were many different highlights of the trip.

For some it was the pleasure of giving rein to their creative side at Delft Pottery where, after a tour of the famous factory, they had the opportunity to decorate their own tiles in the distinctive blue and white for which Delftware is renowned. For others, it was the excellent guided tour of the Dutch parliament buildings in The Hague. The children visited not only the venerable Hall of Knights and the upper chamber but also listened in on a debate in session in the modern lower house. For yet others, it was the intense experience of visiting the Anne Frank House. Everyone learnt a lot here and many were deeply moved by the air of poignancy and senseless, overwhelming loss.

Visits to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and the Mauritshaus in The Hague were praised too – all benefitted from the knowledge and expertise of our guides and the children were privileged to see exquisite works of art including Rembrandt’s masterpiece, ‘The Night Watch’.

At the Delta Park at Vrouwenpolder the children heard the shocking story of the devastating 1953 floods in which 1800 people drowned. The consequent call for flood protection ultimately resulted in the building of a storm surge barrier. After a tour of the barrier, they enjoyed a boat ride in the bay before touring the park’s other aquatic attractions.

And there was more…a boat ride through Amsterdam’s historic canals; evenings on the beach at Noordwijk where we were based; ten pin bowling; souvenir shopping; and the celebration of three thirteenth birthdays – many congratulations to Theo G, Archie B and Eve L on becoming teenagers!