All about the Romans

It was a day of time travel for two year groups at Packwood today who stepped back 2,000 years to learn about the Romans.

For the Year 3s there was an exciting trip off-site to Dewa Roman Experience in Chester where the children gained a brilliantly entertaining, smells-and-all insight into life in the city in Roman times. We pretended to row our galley all the way from the Mediterranean to the River Dee where we disembarked and explored Roman Chester including the shops and public baths learning lots about the unfamiliar (and slightly revolting) habits, hygiene arrangements and diet of those ancient citizens. We had a tour of the archaeological dig site in the museum and saw many of the finds it has yielded. There was the chance to dress up, try on armour, practise firing an onager and construct models of a hypocaust and a bridge. Last of all, armed with shields we marched behind our strict centurion leader to Chester’s ancient amphitheatre where Mrs Hammond was defeated in gladiatorial combat by Miss Lowe.

Meanwhile, back at school, the Year 7s enjoyed a fantastic Classics morning, experiencing life in the Roman army. As well as bringing lots of armour to show us and to try on, Titus the Centurion took pupils outside and trained them in the ancient testudo formation, essential to the Roman defence. We learned some fascinating facts, such as the tactics used when defeating Boudicca, what the Romans had for breakfast and also why it was a risky occupation to be an emperor. Titus had Year 7 marching up and down to his commands before heading back indoors to learn about an impressive array of swords and spears. Sin’! Dex’! (Left, Right…)