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Leavers’ destinations

Typically leavers move on to as many as 15 different senior schools each year with many of the Year 8 children attempting a scholarship of one sort or another.

The most popular destination schools include some of the most prestigious in the country such as Winchester, Radley, Shrewsbury, Harrow, Cheltenham Ladies’ College, Rugby and Eton (no child in Year 8 trying to go to Eton has ever failed to gain their place). Many leavers also go on to Oundle, Uppingham, Stowe, Malvern College, Repton and Sedbergh. Moreton Hall and Oswestry are popular local choices.

This extensive list shows that Packwood feeds to a wide range of schools across the country. The right school for the individual (and the family) is sought, be it a boys’, girls’, co-educational, day or boarding school either locally or nationally.

The Headmaster discusses future schooling options with parents when their child reaches Year 5 or Year 6, at which point there is the beginning of a fuller sense of potential, talents and preferences. Almost all pupils leave at 13+ rather than 11+ and at the core of all our concerns are the happiness of the individual pupil and our determination that each pupil should learn according to their potential in an environment that challenges yet nurtures.

Packwood has an enviable record of scholarships for its leaving pupils. Over the last four years academic scholarships have been awarded to St Edward’s, Shrewsbury, Oundle, Rugby, Winchester and Moreton Hall among others. There were music scholarships and exhibitions to Moreton Hall, Shrewsbury and Warwick and a choral award to Downside. In the same period leavers have won sports scholarships and exhibitions to Tudor Hall, Shrewsbury, Moreton Hall, Malvern College and Ellesmere; drama scholarships to Malvern College, Shrewsbury and Moreton Hall, art awards to Malvern and Shrewsbury; and all-rounder scholarships to Shrewsbury and Moreton Hall.